Monthly Archive: March 2012

Mar 28

The Adult Home


When the kids are all grown up and my house is less likely to be royally trashed. This is something to look forward to. I believe in town and country homes. Town houses are somewhere you can live in for easy commuting back and forth from work or to be closer to friends. Country living …

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Mar 28

French Cheese Etiquette


Found this helpful bit of information from My French Country Home. If you’re big into your cheese platter at the end of dinner. Here are a few pointers on what to do and not to do when serving up or when devouring. All images taken from here.

Mar 23

Gold Fingers


I’m in love with these gorgeous Champagne flutes! Gold candle stands from here. Gold accessories image from here. Champagne flues image from here. Channel Bags from here.

Mar 19

Calming Effect

Linen Shades

Another roller coaster week. I’m drawing very close to D-date and I’m a little nervous that I’ve not yet packed my delivery bag because I have this horrible feeling that I’m about to drop this baby any day now and I hate not being 100 percent prepared. I suppose that you can’t be fully prepared …

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Mar 18

Crafty Fingers


Another weekend is here. Time set an afternoon aside to get your hands dirty! I think this would make such unique personalized Birthday / Christmas presents… Found from Sweet Paul this nifty image transfers from prints to porcelain with Lazertran transfers. …or what about a little butterfly jar. You can download vector butterfly images from …

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Mar 14

St Patrick’s Day Tribute

Chocolate Guinness Cake

The Guinness Chocolate Cake… The idea came from looking at this gorgeous looking cake from Minimally Invasive. Which drew me to this site where I found the recipe for the Guinness Chocolate Cake. Chocolate Guinness Cake From Feast by Nigella Lawson (reprinted in the New York Times on 12/8/04) Yield: One 9-inch cake (12 servings) …

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Mar 12

Come Soon


Baby image from here.

Mar 11

Weekend Notables

Free Floral Tags

Blueberry pancakes and yummy yummuy get in my tummy smoothie. … feeling crafty… These little tags from packagery are perfect for labeling or as gift tags. Download them here I hope they will eventually do this for Pinterest but have you always wanted to get your Instagram photos printed and hung up on a wall …

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Mar 09

Making an Entrance


I want I want I want! An entrance areas like these are such luxury. Gorgeous little areas to cosy up and decorate for warm greetings and those long good-byes. Have a great weekend everyone! First image from here. Second image from here. Third image from here. Forth image from here.

Mar 08

KONY 2012 ~ Invisible Children Foundation ~


We’re humbly moved by the efforts put into the publicity of Joseph Kony. I was confused if he was a goody or baddy as the aim was to make him “famous” now I know why. Watch this video to find out. KONY 2012 from INVISIBLE CHILDREN class=”aligncenter on Vimeo.

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